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Transposition Inquisition Updates:


  • Happy Holidays! Click the link to check out ALL of season 6; up early as a little seasonal bonus! See you all next year! [posted Dec 5th, 2021]

  • Chiapanecas (Clapping Song)  is a traditional melody from Chiapas and has acquired status as an informal anthem of that state. [posted Nov 8th, 2021]

  • Spirits supernatural are shy, what's all the fuss? But bags of bones seem so unsafe, it's semi-

       serious [posted Oct 17th, 2021]

  • Boy did October keep me busy! Here is a three Transposition bundle!!! [posted Oct 13th, 2021]

  • "By the light of the moon, My friend Pierrot, Lend me your quill to write a word.  My candle is dead, I have no light left. Open your door for me for the love of God." [posted Sept 27th, 2021]

  • The song "Lightly Row" was arranged by Shinichi Suzuki from the German folk song Hänschen klein. This means that our arrangement is a copy, of a copy, of a copy, of the original. [posted Sept 19th, 2021]

  • In 1752 France, Philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau composed the original tune to “Go Tell Aunt Rhody” for his one-act opera Le devin du village. [posted Sept 13th, 2021]

  • "Mary Had a Little Lamb" is an English language nursery rhyme of nineteenth-century American origin. It has a Roud Folk Song Index number of 7622. [posted Sept 6th, 2021]

  • Season 6 is Coming Soon! [posted Aug 15th, 2021]

  • Season 5/6 Update [posted June 13th, 2021]:

Boy was this year eventful!

​Trying to be musical while stuck in a room was quite a challenge, one that many rose to and excelled within.  Season 5 explored a lot of traditional excerpt material, pieces that I have studied for years, and turned them on their head.  It was a break from the customary "variety show" style from earlier seasons, providing structure but not lacking novelty. ​


I don't know exactly what season 6 will be yet, but I am thinking something more along the lines of "Transposition for Beginners".  This would include both written and mental transposition exercises designed to help users think of melodies, not as a set of fixed notes,

but a collection of relative points, connected linearly to show the greater picture.  

  • No. 73 and 74 are up!!!  It's nice to get back to work after such a weird week.  What better excerpts to stretch the mind than Ives and Revueltas. Happy practicing! [posted Mar 1st, 2021]

  • The 2021 Winter Strom shut down the state of Texas, leaving many without electricity or water for days.  It is for that reason that the regular Monday posts on Transposition Inquisition have been delayed.  I plan on posting the February 15th transposition later today and updating the release schedule, pushing everything back one week.  I hope all of you are safe and that this problem will be resolved in a timely manner [posted Feb 22nd, 2021]

  • A little something different with the Hindemith today.  The full transposition is on pages 10-13 with each measure being broken down on pages 2-9.  As a nice compliment, the Respighi is short and to the point. Happy practicing!!! [posted Feb 8th, 2021]

  • Transposition No. 67 and 68 are now up! Sorry, this took a little longer than usual, as I have been a little busy with other parts of the studio (didn't want to post a subpar exercise). [posted Feb 2nd, 2021]

  • Season 4 is now COMPLETE! [posted Dec 19th, 2020]

    • Reflections:    This season was the first created/posted on this website (with the previous seasons being posted on Facebook).  The general discord on that platform, combined with a full semester of online teaching, was a contributing factor in the creation of this website.  These exercises remain a personal source of musical/fundamental training, which I will continue to share with the tuba/euph community for no charge.  

      • What I Like:

        • The new format is (generally) consistent throughout the season, which I will continue to standardize in season 5. 

        • The genre/style was fairly wide, mostly consisting of music I genuinely enjoyed listening to and performing. 

        • The addition of background information into each work has been personally rewarding.

      • What I would Like to Change:

        • The creation and uses of recorded backing tracks to each excerpt. 

        • More engagement on multiple platforms to better share this series. 

        • More in-depth research and understanding of each excerpt (getting access to Groves Music Dictionary). 

        • Possibly the addition of a recommended listening list or fundamental exercises list.

        • The creation of a "beginner" series: both on (1) how to practice the written exercises and (2) how to mentally transpose each line. 

  • They are not long, the days of wine and roses: Out of a misty dream, Our path emerges for a while, then closes Within a dream. [posted Nov 23rd, 2020]

  • What an interesting history "The Lonely Shephard" has had from its creation to its feature in Kill Bill, Volume 1.  A simple tune, but quite effective. [posted Nov 16th, 2020]

  • This Wednesday is Veterans Day; a day to honor all of those who have served the country in war or peace.  As such, the Transposition this week is Taps[posted Nov 9th, 2020]

  • "...POWER!!!" - Sheev Palpatine [posted Oct 19th, 2020]

  • The second TMEA All-State Etude is finished.  This is a great exercise for low range and flow. [posted Oct 5th, 2020]

  • Escher's Sketches is finished. A very interesting piece that warrants further study.  [posted Sep 28nd, 2020]

  • Both Strauss and Grainger are now uploaded!!!  I've been working on recording projects on the weekend, so these projects got pushed to the side.  I would much rather push the release date than put out an inferior product. I think you guys are going to enjoy them!  [posted Sep 22nd, 2020]

  • "This Jesus Must Die" is now up and I am working on Till Eulenspiegel.  It's not going to be a rehashing of excerpts, but a celebration of the work as a whole.  [posted Sep 7th, 2020]

  • Still working on "Joy Spring".  All Seasons (1-4) are now online!!! [posted Aug 26th, 2020]


  • This next piece (No. 41) is one I sang during my undergrad at WKU and is my go-to lullaby. For more info on Maranoa Lullaby, click the Link[posted Aug 10th, 2020]

  • Season 4 (July 27th - December 28th) is currently underway.  The first two exercises (No. 38-39) can be found at the link below. [posted Aug 3rd, 2020]

Season 5

Season 4

Season 6

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