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Transposition Inquisition, Season 1

Notes from the Arranger:


    "These two seasons were created during my last couple years of study, just as I began writing my dissertation.  You can see the early influence of Will Baker's "Get Fluent", an exercise I hypothesized might improve sight-reading ability. These exercises were also influenced by two of my past teachers Donald Little, and Kevin Wass. 


    Professor Little was the first to introduce me to these type of exercises (even pushing for their memorization!) .


    During my time studying with Dr. Wass,  we worked on many similarly structured studies, such as the Herbert Clarke's Technical Studies and The Bell Scales. 

    You many have noticed these exercises do not look the same as later iterations.  Compared to season 3-4, these are simplistic in design, and sometimes even a little rough to look at.  Nevertheless, they have great value as a literacy exercise, while reminding myself how far I have come (and how much further I still have to go). 


    Maybe one day I will "George Lucas" them, but for now I will leave them intact, with all the happy little accidents."

                    - Dr. Guytano Martorano III

Transposition Inquisition, Season 2

For Orchestral Brass Section 

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