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 Frequently Asked Questions 

  • What Are Music Lessons?
    Music lessons are a one-on-one weekly class designed to develop both critical thinking and performance skills. It is leaning individualized! For advanced and beginner students alike, Music lessons are an opportunity for studnets to move at their own pace. Every class is unique, and is developed around the ever-changing needs of each individual.
  • What Is Covered In A Typical Music Lesson?
    The average lesson covers the topics of music performance, sound control, building positive habits. For beginners, we spend a good deal of time learning the language, understanding the relationship of practice to ability, and develop critical thinking and listening skills. Intermediate students continue these topics, as well as learning how to perform with grace and confidence. We also begin to explore their individual taste in music with solos, etudes, and ensemble pieces. Lessons for advanced students are quite unique and are catered to the needs of each individual. Whether they plan on a career in the music industry, minoring in the subject, or simply wish to enjoy it as a wonderful hobby; We meet students needs.
  • How Frequent Are Lessons? (How Do I Schedule Lessons?)
    Lessons happen each week, at a set day and time. It is important that week meet regularly to guide student development. Make-up lessons are available in the event of a schedule conflict. After signing up for lessons, you can select a regular meeting time with me via email (either before school, during band class, or after school). Check the Martorano Low Brass Studio Calendar for my up-to-date availability.
  • Are there different lesson options available?
    short answer: Yes! Lessons range in Frequency, Medium, and Format. Frequency: Your standard music lesson is a once-a-week meeting for 30-60 min, at a reoccurring time. This works best for the Fall/Spring semester, as it fits nicely in with their school schedule. Lessons can also happen multiple times a week, a couple times a month, or just a single booking. These other frequencies work well during the Summer semester. Medium: Normally lessons happen in-person at their school, but I also offer online lessons. I prefer face-to-face meetings, but online lessons offer a safe, flexible medium for music education. Format: Standard lessons are one-on-one, but other formats, such as the masterclass/sectional are also available. These types of lessons happen in a group environment, and valuable for discussing differing options/approaches to performance/pedagogical topics.
  • What Do I Need For Online Lessons?
    Equipment: Preferably, students should use a laptop with a USB Microphone (ex: Blue Snowball iCE USB Microphone) to prevent sound distortion. Most smartphone can accomplish this moderately well, but they tend to compress the sound. App: My preferred application is Skype (live:guytano.martorano), but we can also use: Zoom FaceTime
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