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How to Sign Up for Regular Weekly Lessons

Getting started with lessons in three step!

1) Sign Up via School Forms


     Each school has its own forms/method for signing up for lessons. 

To begin signing up for lessons, you should start there.

     If your school does not have a system in place, you can email me via this link, and we will begin the lesson sign-up process.

High School Orchestra

2) Schedule Meeting Time



     Once signed up for lessons, we will schedule a regular weekly meeting time.  Follow the link to email me your time preference(s).  You can also follow this link to my studio calendar to check for my availability.

     This is handled on a first-come-first-serve basis, based on the time of lesson sign-up (step 1).  I will try to get everyone their most preferred lesson time.  

3) Sign Lesson Guidelines


     Once step 1 and 2 are completed, the last step in beginning lessons is to fill out the "MLBS Studio Guidelines".   This form contains information for both parents and students regarding how lessons are to proceed throughout the year. 


Please Read This Thoroughly


     Most questions on expectations and procedures are answered here.  For further question about lesson expectations and procedures, feel free to email or call at any time.  

Try reading the Contract Together!
Filling Out Form
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